Group alumni

Sarah Seaton, Ph.D.
Research Associate

A native of North Carolina, Sarah received BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry from High Point University, and then completed a doctoral degree in Microbiology at the University of Georgia, under the direction of Dr. Ellen Neidle. Sarah then moved to Tufts University School of Medicine and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Stuart Levy, exploring projects aimed at understanding how bacteria-bacteria interactions in the rhizosphere promote plant health and productivity.

After two years as an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville, where she explored research topics ranging from analysis of microbial communities associated with carnivorous pitcher plants to antibiotic production by soil bacteria, Sarah returned to Boston as a Research Associate in the Devlin Laboratory. Her work focused on how and why bacteria in the gut transform small molecules and how these molecules ultimately influence the host, in particular, host metabolism and the host immune system. Sarah is currently a scientist at Indigo Agriculture in Boston, MA.

Sula Ndousse-Fetter
Research Assistant

Originally from the Washington D.C. metro area, Sula finished her Bachelors in Chemical and Physical Biology and Global Health at Harvard College. She completed her undergraduate thesis in the area of antibiotic production in microbial communities in the Kolter Lab in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Harvard Medical School. She moved across the street to support the Devlin Lab’s research on bile acid metabolism by gut bacteria.

She also enjoys reading and running and is passionate about engaging in community-building efforts wherever she finds herself.