Group alumni

Snehal Nitin Chaudhari, Ph.D.
Departed in 2023, now an Assistant Professor at the Wisconsin-Madison Department of Biochemistry

Snehal is from Mumbai, India where she completed her Bachelors degree in Biotechnology. She then completed her MS in Biotechnology at Pennsylvania State University, and her Ph.D. in Cellular Biology at the University of Georgia under the guidance of Dr. Edward Kipreos. Her graduate work focused on establishing the first in vitro cell culture system for C. elegans germ stem cells, and studying the role of mitochondrial morphology in aging. As a postdoc in the Devlin lab, she studied the signaling pathways induced by gut bacterial metabolites using human and murine cell lines.

Lina Yao, Ph.D.
Departed in 2021, now a Senior Scientific Researcher at Genentech

Lina earned her Ph.D. in microbiology from National University of Singapore under the general direction of Dr. Lee Yuan Kun. She was also co-supervised by Dr. Tan Tin Wee with a focus on bioinformatics with high performance computing. Her graduate work focused on molecular genetics and global transcriptomic analysis of lipid metabolism in microalgae for biofuel production. As a postdoc in the Devlin Lab, Lina investigated how gut bacteria metabolize bile acids and steroid-like compounds and the effects of these bacterial metabolites on the host.

Arijit (Ari) A. Adhikari, Ph.D.
Departed in 2021, now a Senior Scientist at Merck

Ari received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University under the guidance of Professor John D. Chisholm. In the Chisholm lab, his research primarily focused on the development of new synthetic methodologies using trichloroacetimidates, one of the most significant achievements being its application towards the synthesis of pyrroloindoline natural products. As a postdoc in the Devlin lab, Ari designed, synthesized, and utilized small molecule inhibitors to modulate different bacterially produced bile acids in order to study the effects of these compounds on the host.

Aiden Kolodziej
BCMP Summer 2019 Scholar

Aiden was a student at Cornell University, majoring in Biochemistry. Aiden spent the summer of 2019 in the Devlin Lab as a BCMP Summer Scholar.

Sula Ndousse-Fetter
Departed in 2019

Sula completed her undergraduate thesis in the area of antibiotic production in microbial communities in the Kolter Lab in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Harvard Medical School. She moved across the street to support the Devlin Lab’s research on bile acid metabolism by gut bacteria.

Sarah Seaton, Ph.D.
Departed in 2017, now a Senior Scientist at Indigo Agriculture

After two years as an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville, where she explored research topics ranging from analysis of microbial communities associated with carnivorous pitcher plants to antibiotic production by soil bacteria, Sarah returned to Boston as a Research Associate in the Devlin Laboratory. Her work focused on how and why bacteria in the gut transform small molecules and how these molecules ultimately influence the host, in particular, host metabolism and the host immune system.